In 1989, I opened Festoon-Berkeley at the age of 24. I was young, ambitious, and wildly enthusiastic – but I didn’t realize then that I was beginning an inspiring journey that would change my life and the lives of many, many others.

Shortly after opening the salon, I met my partner for life and business, John T. Ryan. Our passion for the business made us an ideal match. We put all our energy into making Festoon the best it could be.

We focused on enhancing our relationship with the community and creating a culture within the salon that prioritized cutting-edge technique with outstanding customer service.

To meet these exclusive standards, we emphasized our stylists’ educations from day one. We created the apprenticeship training program, which is the foundation of our salon’s success. These apprentices become the singular stylists who drive our salon today. But we don’t stop there: our stylists travel to NYC and Europe for the most inspired and progressive training available.

Significantly, not only do we seek the best technique, we also work endlessly to bring the best products in the world-market to our neighborhood salons.

This dedication to technique and product worked so well that we were blessed enough to open a second salon, Festoon-San Francisco, in November 2001. Festoon-San Francisco is a dream come true and I realize how lucky we are to be here now. So it is without exaggeration when I tell you that we Festoonies love our business, we love our neighborhoods, we love for you to love your hair, and we love to prove it to you by giving you the most exceptional service available. Come visit us so we can help you with dreams of your own.

Melissa Ong Ryan

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